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Welcome all to Alzaiem Alazhari University/Faculty of Medicine website; Alzaiem Alazhari University is a governmental university located in Khartoum North-Sudan , It was established in 1993 in memory of the first president of Sudan Ismail al-Azhari.The Faculty of Medicine Alzaiem Alazhari University (FMAAU) was founded in 1993,it supports the national renaissance with competent graduates and high-quality health services to the community through worldwide standards.....

Prof. Dr. Wisal Omar Mohamed Nabag

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The faculty of Medicine was established in 1993. The first batch was enrolled in 1994 with the traditional system (a 6 years program). In 1998 the faculty reformed the system and adopted an innovative program which is integrated horizontally and vertically with a problem solving , community orientated emphasis and stresses on self directed learning.


The leading university in the field of knowledge to support More


“Graduation of safe and competent future doctors who provide quality health care... More


Excellence☆ Professionalism☆ Humanism☆ Integrity☆ Social Responsibility☆ More


Our faculty aim to Prepare graduates to assume responsibilities as professional,... More

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