Registration period:

1- Registration is done twice in each academic year, at the beginning of each semester, provided that the student pays the tuition fees prescribed for him at the beginning of each semester.

2- The registration period is one week for students in classes other than the first semester.

3- The dean of the college may extend the registration period for another week.

4- The student examining from abroad is registered after adjusting his academic status in the semester appropriate to his academic status.

Registration procedures:

1- The student must attend himself to complete the registration procedures in the places and times specified for this, and the dean may make an exception in special cases.

2- The first semester student shall bring a personal identification (citizenship certificate - identity card - passport - national number).

3- The college administration matches the information contained in the admission form with the identification papers of the first semester student.

4- The college administration fills in the following paragraphs in the registration form:

a. University ID.

b. School year .

c. The student's name (quadrant) as recorded in the admission form.

d. Department Name .

e. Batch.

 f. Academic information (clarification of academic position)

 5-The student fills out his part of the registration form and then pays the study expenses scheduled for supplying them in the bank and keeps the supply receipt.

 6-The student meets the inspection committee of the concerned college to approve the completion of the registration procedures.

 7-The registration form is kept in the student’s file at the accepted college.

 8- A student who does not complete the registration procedures is not allowed to enter study halls, laboratories, and the library.

9- Students nominated for admission to the first semester who fail to register within the specified period are considered unwilling to study, and the concerned college administration must return their nomination forms to the Scientific Affairs Secretariat whenever requested to do so in preparation for returning them to the General Administration of Admission.

 10-The student who completed his registration procedures and was absent from studies for a whole semester without an acceptable excuse, the examination regulations apply to him, and he may be registered with the next group with new registration procedures and payment of the prescribed fees.

 11-The concerned college administration publishes the lists of students registered in each semester separately, one week after the deadline for registration has passed.

12- A student who does not complete the registration procedures on the specified date is not accredited as a student in the college, and he can submit a petition to the dean of the concerned college, explaining the reasons for not registering within the specified period.

13-The dean of the concerned college shall transfer the application, accompanied by his recommendation, to the Scientific Affairs Secretariat to study the case, take the appropriate decision in this regard, and notify the concerned college of that.

14-The minimum semester hours for which the student registers is 12 hours, and the maximum is 24 hours.


Students who have completed the registration procedures are entitled to:

 A- University card: It is obtained from the Deanship of Student Affairs.

 B- Library card: It is obtained from the library administration.

 C- Transport card: It is obtained from the Student's union by the Deanship of Student Affairs.