Programme of Master of Family Medicine


To try and achieve Sustainable Development Goal 3 (Health and wellbeing for all) in Africa a lot of effort has to be done in many aspects the World Health Organization has identified that one of the ways to achieve this goal is through universal health coverage with a specific emphasis on primary health care where the much cheaper option of preventive medicine can be implemented together with the fact that being close to the population accessibility is improved. One of the obstacles for effective primary health care is the need for a properly trained healthcare workforce to man it. 

To solve this conundrum in Alzaiem Alazhari University (AAU) we have started a master’s degree in Family Medicine in which trainees are specifically trained to man primary healthcare centersFamily medicine is an ever-evolving specialty. 

There is a great demand for family physicians worldwide. The main obstacle for the development of Family medicine in the developing countries is the scarcity of trained family physicians and trainers in the field. Great efforts and resources are needed to develop the Family medicine practice. 

Sudan recognized the importance of establishing a sound training program for Family Medicine for many years.This master’s degree is part of this effort to enhance and accelerate the development of family medicine.  Family medicine offers challenges, flexibility, and tremendous diversity. Family physicians provide comprehensive care for patients and their families within the community, with a focus on prevention, management of chronic disease, and coordination of care.

 Family physicians can provide care in a variety of settings, including medical clinics, emergency departments, acute care settings, and in primary healthcare and family medicine centers. They can also provide medical and health care to people in low-resource settings. With many family medicine physicians working in teams and with other health professionals such as nurses, occupational therapists, and nutritionists, the field is also becoming ever more collaborative.

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