Admission Requirements

The foundations of acceptance.

Admission requirements for the Bachelor degree :

Admissions list:

1. The University adheres to the regulations and indexes of higher education, with regard to admission.
2 The Secretariat of Scientific Affairs determines the number of students planned to be admitted in the first year of each construction college 
on the recommendation of the College Board.
3 The student is not admitted to university unless:
A- He was nominated for admission to the University of Boa Sita General Administration for admission to the Ministry of Higher Education.
B- Fill out the registration forms and sign them.
C. Pass the inspection.
D. He was medically fit.
E- Pledged to abide by the university's regulations and regulations, and signed it.
Pay registration fees and scheduled tuition fees.
4. A student who is nominated for admission who is unable to attend university in a period of not more than four a. I will sell from the specified date of the start of registration, losing his right to accept the university unless the Secretariat of Scientific Affairs agrees
To accept it on the recommendation of the College Board.
5. Concealing any required information or making false or misleading statements results in the cancellation of the student's admission and denial of university.