Alazhari Health Research Center (AHRC)

Alazhari Health Research Center (AHRC)

Alazhari Research Center has made a significant contribution to the output , promotion and development of research ,publications and Grants in the faculty of medicine.

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  • The following studies with Professor Ahmed Elsayed the Head of the AHRC as either the local country PI or  the lead for them
  1. Genetics of Rheumatic Heart disease (part of a multi-country study - cooperation with McMaster University Canada)
  2. Registry of heart failure patients(part of a multi-country study-called GCHF- cooperation with McMaster University Canada)
  3. Registry of rheumaticheart disease patients with a comparison arm between warfarin and a novel anticoagulant (part of a multi-country study- called INVICTUS- cooperation with McMaster University Canada)
  4. Salt intake in Sudan
  5. Trauma in Sudan
  6. Opinion of surgical consent amongst healthcare professionals in Khartoum (cooperation with Stanford University USA)
  7. Obesity amongst Sudanese
  8. Burnout amongst Sudanese medical professionals
  9. Opinion of residents about their research thesis module in SMSB



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14 Guest lectures and 46 presentations in national, regional and international conferences



Since 2012


  1. Awarding institution                  Novartis Pharmaceuticals through PHRI
    • Grant holders               INTERCHF investigators including Ahmed ElSayed--Alzaiem Alazhari University
    • Title of project              GCHF and GCHF substudy
    • Start Date                      Sep 2012
    • End Date                       Feb 2014
  2. Awarding institution                  Alzaiem AlazhariUniversity
    • Grant holders               Ahmed ElSayed
    • Title of project              Alkadaro village survey
    • Start Date                      Sep 2014
    • End Date                       Mar 2015
  3. Awarding institution                  CIHR, HSFO and Boehringer Ingelheim.
    • Grant holders               INTERSTROKE investigators including Ahmed ElSayed--Alzaiem Alazhari University
    • Title of project              INTERSTROKE
    • Start Date                      2013
    • End Date                       2016
  4. Awarding institution                  THET (Tropical Health and Education Trust)
    • Grant holders               Chris Lavy- Oxford University and Ahmed ElSayed-- Alzaiem Alazhari University
    • Title of project              Primary Trauma Care programme for Sudan
    • Role in project              Lead in Sudan
    • Start Date                      April 2016
    • End Date                       March 2017
  5. Awarding institution                  Wellcome Trust
    • Grant holders               Prof Bongani Mayosi, Prof Rajkumar Ramesar,Dr Nicola Mulder, Dr Andrew Whitelaw, Prof Stephen, Ogendo, Dr Ana Olga Mocumbi, Dr Christopher Hugo-Hamman, Dr Okechukwu Ogah, Dr Ahmed ElSayed, Dr Charles Kizi Mondo, Dr John Musuku
    • Title of project              Genetics of RheumaticHeart Disease
    • Start Date                      April 2016
    • End Date                       December 2017

           6.Awarding institution                  Bayer Pharma through PHRI

  • Grant holders                 INVICTUS    investigators   including   Ahmed ElSayed-- AlzaiemAlazhari University
  • Title of project              INVICTUS
  • Start Date                      Aug 2016
  • End Date                       Ongoing

          7.Awarding institution                  Bayer Pharma through PHRI

  • Grant holders               GCHF and GCHF substudy investigators includingAhmed ElSayed-- Alzaiem Alazhari University
  • Title of project              GCHF and GCHF substudy
  • Start Date                      Dec 2016
  • End Date                       Ongoing




Available at :


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