Medical Education Development Center

Medical Education Development Center

EDC Vision :

Leading center in professional development, educational innovation, and scholarship for quality of Medical and health professions education.


EDC Mission 

Designs, implements, and evaluates programs to develop and sustain excellence in medical and health education,  facilitate educational strategies and building capacity for medical and health profession staff of the University through evidence based and scholarly approach to Quality enhancement.

EDC Departments

  1. Curriculum , courses and their evaluation
  2. Continuous professional development
  3. Students’ assessment
  4. Medical education researches

 Basic Faculty Enhancement Workshops

EDC provides basic mandatory training workshops to build the capacity of the medical and health staff in the university in curriculums and course design, teaching and learning, Students’ assessment, scientific writing and publication:

  1. Introduction to Medical Education
  2. curriculum and course design
  3. Effective lecturing:
  4. Small group Teaching
  5. E- learning - the beginning
  6. Students’ assessment (1) :Blue print
  7. Students’ assessment (2) written Questions
  8. Students’ assessment (3) Clinical assessment
  9. Students’ assessment (4) standard setting
  10. Scientific writing and publication


  • EDC has remarkable work on evaluation and development of the medical curriculum through the different curriculum committees.
  • EDC play major role in renovate teaching during COVID-19 from face to face to distance teaching through training of the staff on different methods of E- learning

Other training workshops:

Students support and Academic Supervision 

Accreditation and Quality in medical Schools

Educational objectives 

 Evidence –based medicine

Team –based learning

Problem –based learning

Research Methodology

Research supervision 

Research ethics

Essentials in biostatistics 

Any training workshop suggests by Medical and health faculties achieve the EDC general objective.