Student representation: ZAMSA

The faculty adopts student representation in different committees concerning the curriculum design, management and evaluation and in other matters relevant to students, course committee, and student coordinator of the course .The faculty encourages and facilitates student’s activities through communications with the student deanship that supports the student union financially and other student’s organization.

The faculty also gives logistic support to students’ societies and it gave ZAMSA an office in its new building.The faculty provides logistic support for student’s organizations e.g providing ZAMSA an office, enhancing student society’s cultural and social activities.

The faculty provides financial and logistic support through the student deanship for student exchange programs and other national relations through ZAMSA which is a member of regional and international medical students associations.In its efforts to ensure the competence of its graduates FMAAU   has been actively pursuing chances for its students to be exposed to medical teaching facilities in other countries. 

To achieve the above to date agreements have been reached with Bahirdar University in Ethiopia for a bilateral exchange program and discussions are in place with different teaching institutions in South Africa.The success of this outreach has been manifested by an agreement with IKEM hospital in Prague in the Czech Republic which takes 2 students every 6 months for a 1 month clinical attachment. To date 8 students have benefitted from this program. 

On the other hand students from Germany, Italy, Japan and the USA have been frequent visitors to FMAAU. The students from the USA spent 4 months doing 2 research projects with FMAAU graduates.


Zaiem Al-azhari Medical Students Association

It was founded in the year 1994, thus being the first union body at Al-Zaeim Al-Azhari University, and it is a non-political voluntary student association that aims to:

Developing the level of performance at all academic, social, cultural and other levels.

Developing the internal environment of the University and improving the level of service for college students.

Activating the role of students in the college community and the external community.

Implementation of plans and projects aimed at supporting community health.

Strengthen links and cooperation with other faculty associations, Voluntary Organizations and foundations.

- The student is a member of the association as long as he is registered at the college to obtain a bachelor's degree, even after graduating six months.

- The structure of the association consists of :

General Assembly: it is the supreme authority in the association, and consists of all members.

Executive Committee: it means all the executive members of the association, namely the Executive Board ( President, Vice-President, General Secretary, and financial secretary) in addition to the secretaries of the competent offices (which are seven specialized offices : Academic Office, Media Office, Sports Office, Community Health Office, External Relations Office, Cultural and Social Office, and MedSIN ZAMSA office).

The Advisory Board: it includes experts in the fields of the association's work from members or graduates of the college.

About the association's offices and achievements

1/ Community Health Office

The office provides medical services to the community and spreads awareness and Disease Control and Prevention Through Health Education and exhibitions held inside and outside the University. Most of the activities are carried out by the students of the college and in cooperation with voluntary governmental and non-governmental organizations, the university administration, the college administration and a generous number of cooperating doctors.

* The most important achievements of the office:

  1. An exhibition at the university about heart disease.
  2. Training courses in first aid and health education within the University.
  3. A medical convoy in the Akkad region of the Nile River State.
  4. A medical convoy led by Yasin-a local or rawabah of North Kordofan state.
  5. A medical convoy in the fatwar area, north of bawqa, Berber region.
  6. A medical convoy for those affected by floods in Al-shuqailab area.
  7. Health Day at the University.
  8. Health education inside and outside the University.
  9. Health Day at Omdurman Penitentiary (women's prison).
  10. A healthy day in the North kalakleh dome area.
  11. A healthy day in the Naivasha District of Omdurman.
  12. A healthy day in the village of Al-Fath in Omdurman.
  13. Free eye screening day in cooperation with the parents ' Charity Hospital.
  14. A free therapeutic day held in Riyadh Park in partnership with the Orphans sponsorship organization.
  15. Celebrating International days such as: (World Health Day, World Autism Awareness Day, World mother's day, World Heart Day, World Breast Cancer Day, World Day Against Drug Abuse, and World Environment Day).
  16. Making health education publications and publishing them on the following topics: (nutrition, disease prevention, environmental hygiene, psychological counseling, medicines and poisons).
  17. Vaccination against hepatitis C.
  18. Guidance, health education and distribution of masks and sterilizers for students and various staff at the university as well as segments of society in order to fight the corona virus – the first wave and the second wave.


Note: convoys and health days include:

Clinics (Internal Medicine / Surgery / Pediatric / obstetrics and gynecology / ophthalmology / dentistry).

Health education about first aid, nutrition, pregnant health, smoking damage, environmental sanitation, proper handling of medicines, care for heart patients, hypertension and diabetes, and recently health education about covid-19 has been added.

An integrated laboratory and a comprehensive pharmacy.

2/ The Academic Office

The office is interested in all academic aspects that work to produce a generation of distinguished medical students practically and academically, and future doctors who are armed with real knowledge that helps to advance the Health process and be the best human wealth wherever they are found.

* The most important achievements of the office:

1. Academic workshops and lectures:

Preparation workshop for the clinical stage: where all the sections of the textbook and how to read are discussed, as well as theoretical and practical teaching of the history of the disease and clinical examinations.

Electrocardiography workshop "ECG", which is presented to students of the clinical stage.

Smart study workshop: to provide students with many effective ways that facilitate studying, memorizing and understanding, especially early-stage students. In addition to the study skills workshop.

Anatomy simulation workshop: it is a newly added workshop where everything the Student finds in the anatomy lab was collected and presented online with the necessary explanation.

Academic support workshops: through which students are divided into different groups to explain a number of important courses that are difficult to understand.

Academic Regulations lectures: they are held in cooperation with the Academic Office of the college, whether by providing us with information or by speaking, in order to enable students to understand the regulations well.

Practical exam simulation workshops: organized for the purpose of simulating the OSCE exam system for clinical stage courses.

A workshop entitled 4 Days Research Trip: where information on scientific research methodologies was dictated by many evacuation doctors and those with a professor's degree in the field of Community Medicine, in addition to many experienced people from other medical specialties from inside and outside the college, and models for distinguished students in the field of research were also presented. The live broadcast videos reached more than 17 thousand 100 people.

2. Academic competitions:

Physiology competition: it was held in the various courses of the association for the purpose of knowing and equipping the university representatives in the physiology competition, and it is noteworthy that the faculty team participated in the international physiology competition held in Malaysia and won an advanced rank in it.

Hematology and microbiology competition: it is mostly conducted in competition with a team of students of the Faculty of medical laboratories at the University.

Competitions of different courses: these competitions are organized among the members of one of the academic teams at the college and by choosing one academic course in order to enrich the medical information of students and to ensure cooperation between them and encourage good competition.

3. Conferences, exhibitions and campaigns:

Basic Exhibition: it aims to help new students to obtain general knowledge about all the systems of the human body, and provide students from different colleges with information that constitutes qualitative knowledge about different specialties of their field, in addition to improving the communication skills of medical students.

Journey around COVID-19 Conference: the conference provided important information about what the corona virus is, how to prevent it, how to deal with patients, and how to treat them. The conference got a wide spread and the number of access to the live broadcast videos of the conference exceeded the barrier of 19,000 people.

Covid-19 acute cardiovascular and internal medicine webinar: in partnership with a group of Sudanese doctors in the UK and contained the presence of many specialists, consultants and doctors of various nationalities around the world, and its coverage was transmitted at the level of well-established news channels such as Al Jazeera direct.

Find Your Way in Medicine Conference: where they talked about the exams for obtaining a specialization Fellowship for different countries, many Sudanese doctors participated in it around the world, and the live broadcast videos reached more than 22 thousand people.

4. Projects:

Zamsa BOOT : it is an electronic platform on Telegram that offers many academic materials for various levels of study at the college, including lectures, videos, educational slides, references, discharges and audio recordings...etc. and other educational aids.

5. Libraries:

Free library: it has been activated and an estimated number of references and books have been received from Al-sanayer. It was active in previous courses, but currently there is a full-fledged project in the association to carry out this task under the title “Help Project”.

Electronic Library: available on a hard drive containing a large number of references, videos and educational materials used to explain various medical materials.


3 / Office of External Relations

The office responsible in representing the association in external activities whenever required, and strengthening relations with the medical associations of various universities, as well as working on generating annual scientific and sports activities among various other associations that are placed on the agenda of the association. In addition to working on the presence of permanent partners and supporters of the various activities, and opening a communication channel between the association and other colleges and supporting it with various scientific and practical activities.

* The most important achievements of the office:

- Establishing good relations with the following parties and understanding in establishing joint future activities with the association:

1/World Health Organization.

2/ MTN Communications Company.

3/ Communication Tower.

4 / Federal Ministry of Health.

5 / MTAQ Water Bottling Company.

- Representing the association at the Sudan World Diabetes Conference

- Holding a meeting with the Medical Network On Reproductive Health (MNRH) to consider establishing an office representing the network within the University and seeking to work in joint activities.

- Coordination to establish an integrated health convoy to Kassala in cooperation with the General Union.

- Honoring the following mentioned in the tenth session (2015-2016) for their good cooperation with the association in its various offices during the previous sessions:

1. The Zakat Bureau of Khartoum state.

2. The journalist has a good life.

3. Association of medical laboratories, Nile University. 

4. Tabuk pharmaceutical company. 

5. Vice rector of Al-Zaim Al-Azhari University.

6. Director of Al-Zaim Al-Azhari University. 

7. Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Al-Zaim Al-Azhari University.

8. Amjad library for medical services. 

9. Hekma pharmaceutical company.

10. Amipharma pharmaceutical company.

11. Registrar's office, Faculty of Medicine, Al-Zaim Al-Azhari University. 

12. Al-Zaim Al-Azhari University morgue.

13. Skills laboratory, Al-Zaim Al-Azhari University.

14. Head of the Department of anatomy, Faculty of Medicine, Al-Zaim Al-Azhari University. 

15. Academic Office al-Zaim Al-Azhari University Faculty of Medicine.


4 / Social Cultural Office

The office is interested in all aspects that enrich the student's cultural Treasury, in addition to strengthening social ties between the college students in particular and the students and the university community in general.

* The most important achievements of the office:

ZAMSA trip: it is a periodic trip carried out by the office in order to increase interaction between college students through an entertaining atmosphere accompanied by a number of events such as cultural competitions, Challenge Games, sports games, singing musical instruments, acquaintance Sessions, cultural sessions, sharing meals and others.

Cultural Clubs: they aim to enhance and highlight the different talents of students, which effectively contributes to the discovery of non-academic abilities and creating an atmosphere of commonality between those of the same interest. The cultural clubs consist of the following:

1/ literature and languages club: it targets the reading and writing aspects of literature and the work of Sessions to discuss many books and try to provide them in electronic or paper form. As for the language axis, by supporting the speaking and collective learning of a particular language that is of interest to a certain segment of students and seeking to provide what helps them learn it.

2/ Drawing club: it is interested in all types of traditional manual drawing and electronic design drawing, and works on holding challenges and competitions as well as highlighting the most beautiful works at various exhibitions and bazaars of the association.

3/ Music Club: for fans of singing with their voices and those with musical artistic taste in various languages, and the club seeks to create a special choir for college students.

4/ Film and Cinema Club. 5/ Handicrafts Club.

- ZAMSA breakfast: it is an annual event that takes place in the holy month of Ramadan, where the college students meet with its graduates, and the Distinguished Teaching Staff of the college is invited, in addition to a generous part of the university administration and its staff, to complete the breakfast in an atmosphere of familiarity, affection and convenience among all.


5 / Sports Office

The office is interested in seeking to provide all available ways to practice various types of sports among college students under the slogan “a healthy mind in a healthy body ". This is through the establishment of accessible and sustainable sports activities for all college students to raise the technical level of male and female students compete with it at the internal level of the association community and at the external level as well, in addition to creating social activity among college students.

* The most important achievements of the office:

1/ ZAMSA Pentathlon Championship: the tournament is usually held by choosing two teams from each study group, so that the team consists of 7 main players and 3 reserves, and the competition between the teams is by the losing team's exit system to reach the League Cup. The regulations governing the ZAMSA Pentathlon Championship are the organizational framework for the championship.

2/ ZAMSA Football League (big field League) : it is a sports football competition where one team from each division stands in front of the other and the general regulations and laws governing football are the regulatory framework for the league and an arbitration team recognized by the Sudanese Football Federation is used, as well as in coordination with a field of the class to ensure the best conditions for the league.

3/ ZAMSA Billiards Championship: it is a competition between members of different teams, usually consists of 4 rounds, and has a system of advancing the loser from one match in the first and second round and from 3 matches in the third and fourth round and up to the individual winner of the title and the Championship Cup.

4/ ZAMSA Chess Championship: it is usually held in competition between individuals and the winner receives the title and the Championship Cup after advancing and reaching the final in the presence of the loser's exit system from one round.

5/ Basketball exercises: where cooperation and contracts were signed with the popular club for the purpose of using it to strengthen the basketball side among students.

6/ Football exercises: usually consists of 4 exercises per month under the supervision of the Sports Office.

7 / College team project:

- The college team is selected so that it contains elite players from within the study teams, and the technical level is supervised by doing exercises for the team and also by making a friendly match.

- The team's supplies were provided such as (an official uniform of the team in white and blue with 16 T-shirts, 16 shorts, 16 shorts, 1 guard glove, 2 Captain's armband, 11 phosphorescent bib, 11 orange bib and 2 soccer balls).

8/ Electronic Games Club: it was used for the first time during the period of complete home quarantine, which was imposed during the first wave of the corona pandemic.

9/ Swimming activities.

6/ Media Office

The media office is interested in providing coverage of all the activities of the association in order to ensure that they are presented and highlighted well, which reflects positively on the students and the faculty in particular and on the University in general.

- The mechanism of media work contains many aspects, namely:

1/ the structure of the media office: it is considered the first building block in the improvement of work and consists of: (the media secretary, the two deputy secretaries, the media committees, and finally the representatives of the study teams and general members if necessary).

The media committees are:

- Design committee: it designs various graphic designs as well as designs videos of all kinds.

- Photography committee: it works to use the photographic ability to document moments.

- Editorial and screenwriting committee: its task is to write texts accompanying media works.

- The magazine committee: in the case of working on the output of a media magazine, this committee is formed and specializes in(determining the type of magazine, structuring the editorial team, collecting data on the contents, analyzing, revising and classifying data, designing the magazine, making the final review, and then publishing the magazine).

2 / media platforms: the association contains electronic and other paper platforms for publication, namely :

- Electronically: the association's Facebook page is the first official platform of the association ( ) and contains more than 10 thousand followers and more than 9 thousand fans of the page :

- The publication is carried out from the page to the official groups of the various teams on Facebook and on WhatsApp.

- The association's Telegram channel is at the address ( official platform :


- Paper: The Bulletin Board of the association and other places dedicated to posters are used taking into account the regulations of publication and distribution of posters at the University in addition to the use of large advertising posters in advertising various activities.

3 / Activity coverage: the activity is covered according to the following mechanism:

- Before the activity: introducing the upcoming activities, using the method of suspense and promotion, opening the door to join the organization of the activity, attending it or participating in it and Depending on the nature of the activity.

- During the activity: reflecting the applicable aspects of the activity in terms of initial settings and preparations through the implementation of its paragraphs moment by moment.

- After the activity: make a full media report about it, taking care to highlight all aspects.

4 / the skills available in the office: the human ability to deal with :

- Graphic design and editing programs: Photoshop – Illustrator - Lightroom

- Video design programs: After effects – Sony Vegas-Premiere

- Photography: using professional cameras or via smartphones.

- In addition to many other skills.

5/ Other activities in the office :

- Making contests for photography and design.

- Conducting training courses supporting media work.

- Support the financial office by participating in paid media projects.

7/ MedSIN ZAMSA Office

Medicine ZAMSA office is one of the offices of the International Federation of Medical Student Associations (IFMSA), as it is one of the first founders of the Sudanese Network of Medical Students Associations.

The structure of the office: it consists of the president, vice president for external affairs, vice president for activities, vice president for training, vice president for financial affairs, local officer of the standing committee on medical education, local officer of the standing committee on public health, local officer of the standing committee on research exchange, local officer of the standing committee on reproductive and sexual health including AIDS, local officer of the standing committee on human rights and peace, local officer of the standing committee on professional exchange, and the director of publication and new technologies support division.

*Activity Reports:

Activity [1] Name: Presentation skills Workshop

Standing Committee SCOPH


According to our survey carried out among ZAMSA SCOPH members, all members have found that they lack enough proficiency in communication and facilitation skills. The survey also found that Mental health is the topic they need to know more about. In addition to the above, the shortage of facilitators in MedSIN-ZAMSA and MedSIN-Sudan makes us believe that this activity will boost our members’ potential to build capacity in MedSIN-Sudan and MedSIN-ZAMSA.

Number of Participants 30

Date and time 24th,25th and 27th February

Duration 18hrs total

Venue and logistics Alzaiem Alazhari University

Activity [2] Name: Blood donation campaign at Alzaiem Alazhari University

Standing Committee SCOPH 


We decided to provide an opportunity for Alzaiem Alazhari University students to learn about the issue of blood donation and know its importance and impact on society and its benefits and the controls that govern it through the blood donation campaign, to build medical students who are aware of this issue and fight misconceptions about it.

Number of Participants 33

Date and time 9th March- 24th March

Duration 8hrs

Venue and logistics Alzaiem Alazhari University

Activity [3] Name: exploring glory 

Standing Committee SCORE 


Exploring glory toolkit is a monthly joint activity with Sudanese Medical Research Association (SMRA) organizations that will be implemented for the purpose of educating medical students research skills and increasing their knowledge about research methodology , in every month Alzaiem Alazhari medical students will be exposed to one research methodology skill and they will practice it to insure that they are understand the subjects in the best way

Number of Participants 30

Date and time 26/2/2021 & 19/3/2021

Duration 3 Hrs

Venue and logistics Google meet 

Activity [4] Name: Human rights issues In Sudan

Standing Committee SCORP 


Widespread human rights abuses by the government and armed groups are a daily occurrence in Sudan. Although the conflict in Sudan has recently been less intense than it has been in the past, all sides to the conflict continue to commit violations of international humanitarian law, such as attacks on civilians and humanitarian convoys. Violence against women, including rape, remains widespread, particularly in Darfur in and around camps for internally displaced persons (IDPs). Throughout Sudan, the government routinely represses human rights defenders, political opponents, and ordinary civilians, subjecting many to torture and other forms of ill-treatment, And only that, but the rights to be treated in hospitals, the right to find the daily thing we need to eat in a reasonable price and so many other issues.

Number of Participants 20

Date and time 2nd of February/2021 - 12:00PM

Duration 2hours

Venue and logistics Alzaiem Alazhari campus.

Activity [5] Name: World health day workshop

Standing Committee SCORP,SCORE SCOPH – 



GOAL ONE: To increase medical students’ understanding of SCORP and the nature of human rights relation to health.

GOAL TWO: To capacitate medical students about refugees & IDPs under health emergencies.

GOAL THREE: To ensure MedSIN-Sudan youthful participation In the change journey regarding human rights.

SCOPH – مكتب الصحة العامة :

Goal No.1: Increasing medical students’ knowledge about the health system:

Goal No.2: Increase participants' understanding of health emergencies preparedness.

Goal No.3: Increasing participants’ appreciation of the relationship between leadership and effective health systems

Goal No.4: Discussing the importance of resilience in health systems

Goal 1- to increase medical students knowledge about IFMSA 

Goal 2- to educate medical students on global health

Goal 3- To educate medical students on research Exchange role in shaping global health during and after health crises

Number of Participants 43

Date and time 9,10,11 and 12th of April/2021

Duration 18 hours of each, (SCORP 12)

Venue and logistics Paradise hotel, Smart mind, Ibrahim Malik.


Activity [6]Name: Golden Campaign 

Standing Committee SCOME – مكتب التعليم الطبي


Golden Campaign is a series of activities that targets the accreditation file and try to include the students in the process by having info graphics and sessions 

Target group Medcal students of ZAMSA

Number of Participants 500+

Date and time 18TH of july and ongoing till now

Duration [More than 10 hours of sessions]

Speakers Assad Abdelmajeed/ Prof Wisal Nabag/ Dr Najlaa/ Awab Abdulrahman 

Content Different pillars of accreditation, history of accreditation/ faculty current situation/ role of students in accreditation 

Partners / Media Faculty of Medicine AAU

Venue and logistics AAU halls/ Facebook/ Telegram/WhatsApp 

General Outcomes Students Awareness raised and are working with the faculty on the program 

Activity [7]Name: COVID Immunization Campaign 

Standing Committee SCOPH – مكتب الصحة العامة


A campaign online and in-campus that raised awareness about the importance of the Covid vaccine, it's different types and the major misconceptions. This awareness campaign was followed by a vaccination drive in collaboration with the ministry of health 

Target group Our community 

Date and time From 12/9/2021 To 25/9/2021

Partners / Media Ministry of Health.

Note: all of the above are just glimpses of a long history that began in 1994 and has continued to this day, and will continue by the will of Allah Almighty, providing more and will not be extinguished, and the sun of ZAMSA will remain shining until the end of history, by Allah Willing.